When Mogadishu city is collected from the waste garbage? “Clean an environment and wasting another environment campaigns”

When Mogadishu city is collected from the waste garbage? “Clean an environment and wasting another environment campaigns”

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The Somali Institute for Environmental Peace (SIEP) has made observations for waste garbage problems in Mogadishu city which is capital of Somalia, regarding who is responsible for waste collection, collection time, transfer, and disposal sites.

Private corporate companies are responsible for collecting the waste from the city without government supervision and compliance regulations and policy, one of the findings was there is no limited time for waste collection we discovered waste is collected from anytime 10: 00 am and reach at 12: 00 midday or beyond time for collecting and transfer to Jazeera beach, “Qashinweyne”.

in Karan which means big waste area and Kaawo in Madina as disposal site where is open and there is no landfill or proper site for the waste disposal. Without fixed time for collection, it has caused problems such as traffic congestion, bad smell, other problems are no waste separation systems, overloaded the vehicles, air pollution when burned it, water pollution, no protective equipment for the staff or waste collectors these resulted human health risks and unhealthy environment.

In Somalia particularly Mogadishu there is no distinction of the nature of waste; whether solid, liquid, or any other form; waste will be considered as waste and dumped in the dumping sites.

last year’s Turkish government in collaboration with Benadir Regional Administration has been assisting with waste management in the city and clean the environment through providing the vehicles to transfer the waste, however, this seems to clean an environment and wasted another environment because there is no proper site for disposal!.

The Government has campaigned and announced a cleanup day which is Thursday for every week! But this is an unrealistic initiative because it lacks the resources mechanisms, proper plan, vision, and strategies for handling short and long term for sound and sustainable waste management to protect and safeguard human health and environmental health as well.

The Government is not accounting for and controlling the companies who are responsible for waste collections and management. It Has not put in place for waste management regulations and policy for environmental compliance, standards, and requirements.

Waste management is a challenging and pressing issue in Mogadishu and other cities of the country, therefore there is a need to have strong strategies, regulations, and policy which are applicable and enforceable for sound and sustainable waste management in the country. Develop resource mechanisms for implementing these strategies and policy, Institutional and personnel capacities building for waste management, coordination and monitoring policy with government and private companies, focus on political commitment, incentives, and technology development to improve waste management.




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Waaberi Makka Al Mukarrama.

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