About us

The Somali Institute for Environmental Peace (SIEP) is a non-governmental and non-profit Institution founded in 2017. SIEP is legally registered with the Ministry of Education, Culture and Higher Education of the Federal Government of Somalia as the First Pioneer Institute for environmental advocacy. Our slogan is: ’Peaceful Means for Advancing Sustainability’’.

The main objective of the Institute is to conduct research, provide environmental education, and consultancy services, increase Environmental awareness and promote peace in Somalia.

The vision of SIEP is to be ‘A Pioneer and Excellence Centre for Peace on Environment in Somalia’’. Our focus areas are climate change, biodiversity, environmental education and awareness, to improve the affected community’s livelihoods, safeguarding, restorative of our nature and support policymakers in making appropriate decisions.

Our truthful, insightful and in-depth advisory services provide to our clients with objectives and independent guidance in support of their projects, policy, and strategic goals. Capabilities range from safeguarding the environment, society and knowledge generation through consultative and participatory approaches to full-scale project design, management and implementation.

Organizational Profile