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The Somali Institute for Environmental Peace (SIEP) is non-governmental and non-profit Institution. SIEP was founded in 2017 and legally registered on 16 February 2020. It was officially launched at the Environment and Emergencies Forum Meeting held on 26 September 2017 at the UN Office, Gigiri Compound in Nairobi, Kenya. SIEP is registered with the Ministry of Education, Culture and Higher Education of the Federal Government of Somalia, as the First Pioneer Institute for environmental advocacy. The main objective of the Institute is to conduct research, provide environmental education, environmental consultancy services, increase environmental awareness and promote peace in Somalia. The slogan of SIEP is ‘’Peaceful Means for Advancing Sustainability’’. The institute is headquartered in Mogadishu, and has office branch in Boocame, Sool region, Somalia.

Founded by group of intellectual and environmental practitioners using their human capitals. This institution aims to respond and prevent the environmental problems through education, awareness, Capacity development, consultancy, research and technology innovations to protect and conserve the environment of Somalia as well as the region to reduce poverty and promote sustainable development.  The Institute explores and empowers the indigenous and local communities that have developed or are developing their own monitoring methodologies related to biodiversity, ecosystems, water, oceans, land and other natural resources, as well as human well-being, based on traditional knowledge (soomali: Xeer) and holistic view of people and the environment.

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Capacity building training –environmental and social (E&S) safeguards on solar service providers (SSPs) under the Somalia off-grid solar grant facility

From 16th to 19th April 2022, SIEP in collaboration with IBS Bank launched 4 days of capacity building training on...
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Climate Change Stakeholder Mapping For the Directorate of Environment and Climate Change Report

Executive Summary This report aims to map, identify, and learn about the various climate change actors' roles in Somalia's climate...
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Effects of the sea Level rising by climate change on Murcanayo coastal village in Somalia.

Gurdaful is Italian name which means (Keep distance from the Horn) this came when Italian colony was controlling the horn...
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Birds: Somalia’s Little-Known Treasures

Somalia has been the evolutionary Centre of fauna and flora adapted to the climate conditions of the country. There was...
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My connection with nature: Experience of Field Visit in Abay-Dhahan Beach, near Mogadishu

As I write this short article, my country, Somalia, remains to be one of the world’s poorest nations. The national...
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Who Cares For No-Man’s Land? Time For Political Will: Somalia Case.

After the fall of the central government of Somalia in the early 1990s, the Somali environmental controls collapsed and the...
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Somalia’s Climate Change Policy Forum Held In Mogadishu

A High-level climate change policy forum was held in Decale Hotel in Mogadishu organized by the Somali Institute for Environmental...
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Silver Dik Dik: Somalia’s Tragedy On Silver Dik Dik

As part of SIEP campaign to disclose some of the Somalia’s unfolded biodiversity devastation through series of reports and policy...
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