The Somali Institute for Environmental Peace (SIEP) is registered Ministry of education and higher learning of federal government of Somalia, is Non-governmental and non-profit Institution established on December, 2016 and official will be launched at Environment and Emergencies Forum Meeting held at the UN Office in Nairobi, Kenya, Gigiri Compound, 26 September 2017,  as a Pioneer Institute for the Environmental advocacy in Somalia. Headquarter Office is Mogadishu-Somalia.

Founded by group of intellectuals and environmental practitioners using their human capital, after realization there was no single institution for environmental education and research dedicated to handle the environmental problems in Somalia. And during the civil war and prolong conflict as other institutional properties destroyed, all environmental data and documents were disappeared as well. Then, we decided to establish and become that institution to respond the environmental problems through education, awareness, training, researches and technology innovations to protect and conserve the environment and natural resources to reduce poverty and promote sustainable development.

The thematic and research development which the institute will focus on are: (1), Biodiversity and Forest (2) Rangeland management and Wildlife Protection (3) Waste and Chemical Management (4) Partnership (5) Climate Change and Risk Reduction. The research supports the government, Non-governmental organizations, and the institution’s partners for taking good decisions towards environmental conservation and protection strategy.

Core value:

  1. Visionary and Innovation
  2. Transparent and Governance
  3. Professionalism
  4. Integrity and Teamwork
  5. Peace and Health Environment
  6. Partnerships

Vision statement

A Pioneer and Excellence Center for Peace on Environment

Mission statement:

To educate the society for the environment and conduct research to provide information and green innovation technology for sustainable development of associated natural resources for socio-economic development.

Strategic objectives:

  • To support education, awareness raising, training and research; create partnership with stakeholders and enhance livelihoods
  • To promote environmental technologies and innovations, enhance cross-sectoral and public private sector research; Develop data base knowledge management and information access and dissemination systems.

Research and publications

The institute is open for and engages all environmental graduates and student and expertise to join us. We have a platform for exchange of ideas, experiences and knowledge sharing.  Let us act now and safeguard the people and one planet for our prosperities. The environment needs peace as human do! Peace for nature.  Joint us now and share with us all your concerns, we will act on it!





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