Strategic objectives:

  • To support education, awareness raising, training and research; create partnership with stakeholders and enhance livelihoods
  • To promote environmental technologies and innovations, enhance cross-sectoral and public private sector research;
  • Develop data base knowledge management and information access and dissemination systems.


Specific Objectives

  • To educate local communities for understanding the links between environmental degradation and food security through education, awareness campaign and outreach
  • To improve community livelihood in rural areas and unreached needed people to
  • To promote Tree planting to ensure restored deforested land, and other important areas such as schools, home and gardens
  • To Control charcoal trade by empowering and creating alternative source of energy to reduce  pressure on forest
  • To advocate local authority to promote regulations and policies for environmental management and natural resources at large for enhanced sustainable development
  • To create anti-poaching program with training, equipped, management and skills by the local people to protect and preserve the endangered species
  • To Rehabilitate and restore degraded land and ecosystems
  • To establish Management mechanisms for natural disaster risks reduction such climate changes resilience programme adaptation and practices, floods and drought
  • To prepare youth platform for exhibiting talents and the innovations towards green revolution
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